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The Art of the Job Advertisement The Best Way to Attract Candidates

The Art of the Job Advertisement The Best Way to Attract CandidatesMany people think writing a job listing is easy. You put in the necessary skills and experiences. You list a few details about the position. Then you publish it to a job board and wait for the applications to pour in.But theres a lot of competition to stand out on a job board. In fact, Spark Hires latest research found that job boards are the number one source of candidates relied upon by companies. Nearly 57 percent of hiring professionals use them. Being able to write attractive job advertisements that engage candidates is an art one that isnt easy to master. Heres some advice from hiring experts1. Know the difference between a job description and a job advertisement.Contrary to what you might read erreichbar or in print, job adverts arent job descriptions. Job adverts should reflect why someone should apply for your job. A job description only tells people what they already know about your job. To articulate why s omeone should apply for your job, you should focus on what benefits theyre likely to get with your company and why your job opportunity is better than the job theyre doing now. This approach improves the quality of your ad and it also attracts people who may not necessarily be looking for another job. Mark Pearce, director of Strategic Recruitment Blog Are you writing job descriptions or job advertisements? Because one is better for talentacquisition.Click To Tweet2. Remove required from your vocabulary.Required. This can be very off-putting and most requirements are actually a desire. A better word to use is preferred. If a potential top candidate sees five required skills and they only have two but have other transferable skills they may not apply at all. Be sure to comb through your job description. Highlight the absolute requirements (education, software, etc.) and outline other desires as preferred.Marisa Sniff, senior talent acquisition specialist at Combined InsuranceAvoid the word required in your job description. It will hurt talentacquisition. CombinedInsClick To Tweet 3. Remember, its the start of a relationship.When an employee joins a company, its a relationship. Both sides need to know who they are signing up with to date. Being transparent breeds trust, and trust creates a solid relationship. Make sure a job description tells this story of who you really are so that you get the employees your company really needs. Describe the core values of the company and the culture. Candidates should understand the personality and competencies of the company as much as the company should understand the personality and competencies of the candidate. Jill Ball, director of programs and president-elect for the Western New York chapter of the National Human Resource AssociationThe hiringprocess is a lot like dating. Both parties need to know who theyre starting a relationship with.Click To Tweet4. Dont go overboard.Your job posts should be digestible. Similar to a resume, most candidates quickly glance over a job to decide if they should read further. If your title, introduction, and basic qualifications are boring, hard to understand, or unclear, top candidates will pass over your job. Make the important things pop and avoid a long list of qualifications that can become a turnoff to candidates.Matt Greenburg, head of recruiting at ZeroCaterConsider a job description to be a snack for jobseekers. It should give them a little taste, not overwhelm them.Click To Tweet Ready for the next step in the hiring process? Download our guide for crafting the best interview questions here

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Networking Tips for the Shy Job Seeker

Networking Tips for the Shy Job SeekerNetworking Tips for the Shy Job SeekerI was asked recently to comment on networking tips for the shy job seeker.Its hard enough to put yourself out there and display your best traits in hopes of an bewerbungsinterview.Think about itjob hunting means being on your best behavior, which generally isnt all that hard, but knowing that your behavior is being judged and examined just adds layers and layers of stress.A little nerve-wracking, right?Imagine all this being heaped onto someone who is shyer or reserved by nature.Jobhunting, networking, and interviewing can feel a hundred times worsethan it is when youre more on the quiet side.The idea, after all, is to talk about yourself.And talking about/marketing/advertising yourself as a promising employee can be tricky for some.So, I decided to share my thoughts on the shy job seeker in the networking world with you.I had the opportunity to speak at several local job-seeking type organizations in Fresno, CA.What I heard the fruchtwein when talking with them is seekers hesitate to get out of their comfort zone.Bragging about yourself can be easy.But bragging about yourself with skill in the context of job-seeking and networking is a challenge.So, I challenge the shy job seekerwith the questionDo you want comfort or a job?My first tip for the shy job seekerOne of the best things any serious job seeker can do is prepare their responses to potential questions.Some job seekers may think this applies for only official interviews.Not the case.In social networking situations, just about every interaction can be considered an interview of sorts.In these situations, you are showing potential employers your professional best.Your demeanor and presence answer employers questions likeWhat kind of personality does this person have?Does this person interact well with others?Can this person voice their thoughts effectively?A lot of pressure, right?Luckily you can alleviate some of this pressure by anticipating key questions and deciding what you want to learn about different companies.For the shy job seeker, this is a very crucial tool.Which brings us back to the questionDo you want comfort or a job?Its very important you not let your shy or reserved tendencies make you too picky.But its also important that youre capable of being comfortable in the potential job environment youll be in most of your day.Create a description of youridealemployer.This way when youget out of yourcomfort zone and into a networking situation, youcan quickly share youridealemployer story with whomever youre speaking with.I encourage youto go to as many networking events, groups, and organizations as possible and share who youare, why youare there, and what youwant to find.Of course, this takes a bit of time to prepare, practice, and deliver.My best tip for the shy job seekerOne apparent weakness shy and reserved job seekers have is they usually dont want to talk about themselves.It can feel strange to try and convince a hiring manager or employer why you would be good for a job.The funny thing is, this isnt really a weakness.Hear me out.Prepare a few killer questions to ask an employer or hiring managerwhen meeting them for the first time so that the other person does all the talking.Youll learn more about the job and youll make a good impression with the employer or hiring manager.Youll be seen asA good listenerSomeone who knows how to ask the right questionsA team player who can listen and learnAll the shy job seeker has to do is ask the next question.Here are the top five questions I think they should ask because it will give the job seeker an insight into whom else they may know.Top 5 questionsWhat company are you with?How long have you been in your current position?Who do you serve (ideal client)?Do you know of any job openings in the (insert job seekers ideal position) industry?Is there anyone here that you could introduce me to who might know of any job openings in the (insert job seekers ideal position) industry?In general, people like helping people, and business people seem to know where the jobs are.If you have a friend that is currently looking for work please feel free to share this article.For online networking tips, check out LinkedIn Networking Tips For Job SeekersPreparing for an interviewLike I said, one of the best things you can do is prepare for potential questions.One source you can utilize is our 50 Top Job Interview Questions and Answers.You dont need a scheduled interview as an excuse to check it out.Many of these questions have the potential of popping up in conversation while networking.Whether you are shy or outgoing, the best thing you can do for yourself is to anticipate questions and prepare for themNeed some help?If you still need some extra help preparing for your next big interview, reach out to us at Find My Profession.Our career finder programwill help you successfully navigate your job search.Our goal is to help you find vocational success.

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Whos the boss Why strong leaders are servants

Whos the boss Why strong leaders are servantsWhos the boss Why strong leaders are servantsThe best way to get your kollektiv to have your back is to win their hearts and minds. The road to that for leaders is to Serve.The primary role of a leader is servant leadership. It means the leader exists to serve those under him. In contrast, traditional leadership is a top-down pyramid where the leader sits at the top, and subordinates do as the leader commands. Servant leaders turn that pyramid upside down by sharing power with their teams, placing the needs of their team before their own, and helping subordinates develop and grow so they can perform at the highest level possible.Here are seven things that servant leaders DO NOT doThey dont play the I am the boss cardThey do elendlage say Do it my wayThey have no visible favoritesThey do not get into frontal conflictsThey do not create silos and fiefdomsThey do not pretend that their door is always open yet they are inaccessibleThey do not talk out of both sides of their mouths their word mattersAbove all, walk the talk servant leaders make sure their own actions are consistent with what they expect from others.If you say it, mean itToo many senior executives say things they dont really mean. What they often dont realize is that their subordinates and colleagues notice. As a result, they lose credibility. The last thing an executive should want to lose is credibility and the trust of the team.A common one we all hear is, My door is always open. The reality is that its not always open. In fact, the door is shut half the time, and it takes weeks to get any face time. The statement is objectively false, both literally and figuratively.The recent flutter of stories and press coverage have focused on what Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook did not do once the Cambridge Analytics information came to light. Anyone could talk a big game, but true leaders follow through on their promises and commitments with their actions. Mark has faced the privacy of data question and the consumer protection question for as long as Facebook has existed.Over the recent years, his assurances have been more forthright. Words aside did Mark act sufficiently one should ask over this recent debacle? Did he do everything he could to live up to the promises he made to you and I, with his actions, no matter what? When leaders are faced with a crisis, the authenticity of their leadership always becomes transparent. If words of the past have been superficial - in the face of great adversity or in dark moments that come to haunt.Overcoming fear of failureI have seen corporate executives become crippled by fear of failure. When they face a big obstacle or a tenacious competitor, all they can think about is, What if I lose? Will I still have a job? They become so worried about losing that they cant focus on what they should be doing - executing. In a sense, they end up defeating themselves.Over the course of my career, Ive had those sam e thoughts and worries. When your entire year comes down to one huge deal or project, its human nature to worry. But you must dismiss those thoughts and execute your plan. Some of the most successful companies and individuals are worth billions because they took risks and executed. Without risk, there is no reward.In times like this, I think of fearful images of curtains of smoke caused by a crash in a Formula One car race. The smoke is so thick that the other drivers cant see whats beyond it. Thats terrifying when youre driving 180 miles per hour. The drivers who win are the ones who trust that everything will be fine on the other side of that smoke - they step on the gas, not the brake. Yes, its a risk, but with that risk comes tremendous reward.Drive fearlessly through the curtain of smoke on lifes racetrack, and victory awaits youThat sums up my philosophy when it comes to fear in the corporate setting. Step on the gas Go bigger and bolder. Embrace the risk involved. Thats the way to win. If you take your foot off the accelerator and coast when things get scary, youll never win.It may not seem like it at the time, but failure is not always a terrible thing. Failure helps develop grit. I believe my failures have given me fortitude and courage to go forward. Having experienced failure, I know what it feels like, and I know I can bounce back and get through it. I see all failures as nothing more than temporary setbacks, speedbumps on the road to success. This, in turn, fuels a great team and workplace culture. Rising and falling together comes with lifes great learnings experiencing that as a team builds great organizations. One that excelsVishal Agarwal is the bestselling author of Give to Get. As a Senior Leader, he has navigated corporate life for the past 24 years. He has served as a Top Global Executive for General Electric and as a senior leader at Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PwC).

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How to Follow Up On a Job Application

How to Follow Up On a Job Application How to Follow Up On a Job Application How to Follow Up On a Job ApplicationJob seekers often make one fatal mistake in their job hunt they forget to follow up on their job applications. But by not following up on them,you mightmiss out on a great opportunity When to follow up on a job applicationJust because you havent heard back doesnt mean you arent right for the job. Perhaps the hiring manageris inundated with resumes, or maybe they just forgot.If it has been a week or more since you sent an application and youve yet to hear back, consider getting in touch.Table of ContentsFollow upby emailFree email sampleFollow up over the phoneOnce you get this anxious about hearing back from a company, call or send an email.How to follow up on a job applicationThe question remains should you email or should you call? This is a difficult choice because different hiring managers might have different expectations, companies might have different cultures, or y our personality might not suit one of these choices.The decision is yours, so here is how to do both.Writing anemailhas some clear benefits as well as drawbacksProsConsEasiest of all the options (as youve probably emailed the company before anyway)Can look like you arent putting forward as much effort as you couldQuickest to write and fastest way of getting in touch with an interviewerMay look informal to some interviewers or hiring managersMost reliable way to make sure your follow up is seenEasy to overlook mistakes and send without revising completelySample Email and Writing GuideEmail Addresshiringmanagerresumegenius.comSubject Line Pauline Delaney Just checking on my application 1/21/2018Dear Mr. Johnson,I am just writing to ascertain the status of the application I filed with on January 14, 2018. Your job posting directed me to send it to this email address, so I wanted to ensure that it hadnt ended up in your spam inbox by mistake.On the job posting, your co mpany listed a need for skills ranging from strong communication and writing to developing a strong network of industry contacts. These are just a few of the relevant skills Ive developed in my years as a writer and career advisor, and I feel Id be a wonderful fit for the position.My experience as a hiring manager at Resume Companionhas equipped me with great insight into not only how potential employees should approach the job search, but also what HR specialists are looking for. During my time at Resume Companion, I received 750+ resumesandconducted over 60 interviews. This high volume of exposure to applicants taught me the difference between prepared and competent candidates versus those who werent as strong.I am familiar and comfortable with much of what yourresume writing guidealready outlines. Indeed, I was instrumental in puttingResume Companions writing guide together, covering much of the same content.I very much look forward to hearing back from youat your earliest conven ience. I am positive I would be a great addition to your team and am excited at the prospect of joining you. Thank you again for your time and consideration.Sincerely,Pauline DelaneyHow to write your own emailSubject lineBe sure this is snappy and attention grabbing but also professional and related to your message.Re-introductionRe-introduce yourself and inquire about your application status.Summary of key points of cover letter and job postingRehash some of the info youve sent before. Remember to specify why youre the best fit.Polite conclusion expecting to hear backAsk them to write back, even if they decide not to invite you to an interview. That way you can cross their company off the list and move on to the next in earnest.Also rememberKeep your font to no larger than 12 point and no smaller than 10 point.Use a professional font, such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana. Comic Sans is forbiddenAvoid anything besides black text emojis, florescent colors, highlighting, and all caps are tackyBrevity is fine, but you should write more than one or two linesPhone CallMaking a phone call is a little more assertive, but that isnt necessarily a bad thing. Here are a few pros and cons of making a phone callProsConsInterviewer can hear your voiceCan be kind of awkwardComes across as direct and confidentInterviewer might not be availableShows effortIf not available, difficult to know when and if to call backRememberIf you can, ask for the hiring manager by name. Do your research. If you dont have their name, ask for the hiring manager.Be friendly.Identify yourself straight away. State your name and then your purpose (in this case, calling to check on an application).Avoid word vomit. Youll likely be anxious and get a bit tongue-tied. But, be measured, wait for them to finish speaking, and dont hog the conversation.Call at convenient times. Morning or mid-afternoon are best. Dont call at 459 p.m.If it helps, prepare a script. But, avoid reading directly from it. Th ink of it as notes.If the hiring manager or interviewer isnt available, leave a message and dont call back for at least a day or two.Not what youre looking for? TryThank You Letter After an InterviewHow to Decline a Job OfferFollow Up After an Interview

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Marie Kondo just released a set of boxes

Marie Kondo just released a set of boxesMarie Kondo just released a set of boxesMarie Kondo is coming for you and this time she has boxes. You may have been the one out of all your friends and coworkers to not drink the Kondo kool-aid and throw out all of your non-joy-invoking possessions, but there is no turning back now because now she is producing products as part of her lifestyle empire. The author of the best-sellingThe Life-Changing Magic of TidyingUp(she has traktament 10 million copies and it has been published in 40 countries) has created such a strong organizational approach and philosophy that her last name has become a verb for life improvement (the Netflix show is also in the works.)And now if you havent already started throwing out everything in your closet that isnt associated with a happy memory, she is going to make it easier for you. One of the pillars of Kondos philosophy is small, plain storage boxes which Americans seem to lack as we prefer giant things wrapped i n plastic.In Japan, we have a great number of empty boxes but thats not so at all in the U.S. With all the lectures that Ive done, and the experience of publishing books in the states, my honest wish is for as many people as possible to complete their tidying, so that as many people as world as possible can live a life that sparks joy, Kondo told Bustle.Thinking in the box in a good wayNow you can purchase a Kondofied box through her company, KonMari, for $89 (available for pre-orderbeginning July 24.) It is actually a suite of three boxes called Hikidashi, which means to draw out in Japanese. Not surprisingly they are designed to fit perfectly inside your drawers to help bring joy to your life when you pick out your socks in the morning.The boxes, which sherefers to as tidying saviors, are works of art (Cecylia Ferrandon, the former head of packaging for Apple, is now on team KonMari) come in four different colors and each with their own theme wonder, balance, clarity, and harmony .I really encourage everyone to ask what you would like to put in behauptung boxes, to really commune with the boxes themselves, she told Bustle. It is only a matter of time before your coworker has to leave work early to go commune with her clarity box.This is just the beginning of products from KonMari (she also has three other books and consultants to help you Kondofy your home.) We cant wait until she releases a kale-colored trash bag with the theme of perseverance.

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The 3 Most Avoidable Resume Mistakes

The 3 Most Avoidable Resume Mistakes The 3 Most Avoidable Resume Mistakes Its an often repeated fact that recruiters and hiring managers only spend about six seconds scanning a resume before deciding whether to keep it or toss it.If your resume only has mere seconds to capture a decision-makers attention, you need to becertain to avoid any of the triggers that can send it to the no thanks pile. Here are three such triggers that are incredibly common but easily fixed1. Hedging Your Bets with a Jack of All Trades ResumeIt seems perfectlylogical to try to improve your chances by cataloguing your entire skill set in the top half of your resume, but you must resist the urge. A hiring manager wants to immediately verify that you can do the particular job they are trying to fill, so they eagle-eye your resume for concrete examples of your aptitude. Give them satisfaction, not distraction. Too many bullets of industry jargon in a core competencies section or a dense, wanderingsummary ansic ht can land your resume in the digital dustbin.2. The Stalagmite EffectIf you stayed awake during eighth-grade science, youllknow that stalagmites grow into towering pillars of rock over millions of years. Up close, they are breathtakingly impressive. A stalagmite resume, however, is decidedly not.The stalagmite resume is the product of many years of adding jobs to your resume without removing any of the old ones or otherwise editing the document. This hasty cut-and-paste approach creates a towering stack of jobs, many of which are irrelevant to the role you want.Treat your resume as a living document. Every time you edit it, edit it completely from top to bottom, taking care to tailor it specifically to the job you areafter.Take a structured approach to explaining each relevant position. A predictable flow invites the eye to move through your resume with rhythm and interest. Start with a situational bullet that describes what welches happening at the company when you were hired. Fo llow that with a responsibility bullet that describes your mission in a brief but compelling way. Lastly, deliver a results bullet that quantifies the value you brought to the company or describes what you achieved with real numbers. Heres an, VP Sales, New York, 6/2014 PresentSituation Recruited by a former boss to join, a top SaaS-based social sharing platform that suffered from lack of repeat customers and poor market visibility.Responsibility Restructure and revitalize the sales team of 3 directors and 15 account executives increase pipeline overhaul go-to-market strategy on a tight budget.Results Delivered consistent YOY increases from $3 million in 2014 to $18 million in 2017. Added 76 new clients. Resized team to 4 directors and 12 account executives.A time-starved hiring manager will skip to the results bullet of each of your jobs, and provided your achievements are concrete and convincing, they will move you to the yes box.3. Failing to Include a Pro file SectionRemember the good old days when youwould make a visit to the bookstore? You would pull books from the shelves, scanning each dust jacket for a compelling synopsis that would convince you to head toward the cashier.Your resumes profile statementshould perform the same function as these synopses, telling the hiring manager about your value to their company in 45-60 words. Here is an example of a cogent profile statement that got an interviewand the jobSenior enterprise-level marketing technology sales hunter with an entrepreneurial spirit and long history for value-based selling. Accomplished revenue generator who is comfortable working in matrixed environments built to fuel topline attainment and strong pipeline health. Accustomed to collaborating with product teams that are dedicated to uncompromising excellence and executive teams focused on responsible but aggressive growth.- The snap judgment of an overworked hiring manager is never completely avoidable, but if youski p these three resume mistakes, you will net far more positive results. Above all, be sure to approach the process with one mission in mind Show the value you can bring to employers.Sherry Ailsworth is a recruiting partner for Chameleon Collective.Master the art of closing deals and making placements. Take our Recruiter Certification Program today. Were SHRM certified. Learn at your own pace during this 12-week program. Access over 20 courses. Great for those who want to break into recruiting, or recruiters who want to further their career.

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The 30-Second Trick for Technical Skills to Put on Resume

The 30-Second Trick for Technical Skills to Put on Resume Technical writers and company analysts are almost similar regarding job descriptions and techniques necessary to work in a specific small business company. You need to be acquainted with and proficient in the usage of unique technologies if you need to land a fantastic job. If youre just beginning, you might want to place a larger emphasis on education and internships. The 2 skills are most looked after by employers since they enable an organization to get individuals who will not just work but also help in finding new methods of conducting business. Life After Technical Skills to Put on Resume Getting in a position to assure an employer which you have the technical skills they are searching for is the same as saying, I know I am fit for the job. Make certain you have the majority of the acceptable qualifications before you apply to a work ad Your skills are an overview of what you could do for the prospective emplo yer if you were offered the work at this time. Some people believe listing outdated skills makes them look seasoned, but nonetheless, it typically makes the work seeker appear they dont understand the job and theyre not relevant. There are various kinds of technical skills. In the event the skills are of a specific type, they are sometimes bulleted or separated with commas. The soft abilities, however, are tough to be measured and cant be touched but identified by emotional intelligence. Double-check if youre utilizing the proper abilities and experience keywords. The Nuiances of Technical Skills to Put on Resume First off, you must discover the suitable job offerone that fits with your professional interests and experience level. Unusual or colorful technical extracurricular pursuits and interests could be a fantastic means to make your resume stand out As a human being, youve got technical skills in a wide assortment of areas. The varying nature of the job calls for an individual whos effective in a broad array of situations. Theres no use in listing items merely to list them or as you believe thats what ought to be there. If youre interested in submitting an application for a particular job, review the post carefully and pay attention to the list of skill requirements. Review their About Us page and see whether your soft abilities or attributes are aligned with the providers core values. Listed below are the platzdeckchen of expertise thats important in a resume. Introducing Technical Skills to Put on Resume Soft abilities, on the flip side, arent simple to quantify. Mainly because they cannot be easily taught. In most instances, your soft skills can boost your hard skills. When youre done Get rid of all of the skills you simply have a simple grasp of. Hard skills arent skills that are difficult to learn. Top Technical Skills to Put on Resume Secrets Hard skills can be classified in various ways, based on your job title. They tend to be more technical, and each industry or type of job will usually have its own required set. Thus when writing down your job skills take some time to strategize and find out the very best approach to organize them in your resume. Interpersonal skills Having the capability to interact with people on a one on one basis assists in getting the task done. Rumors, Lies and Technical Skills to Put on Resume Becoming in a position to communicate complex ideas in a crystal clear way will make you distinguish yourself in many jobs. The very first point to do is to thoroughly read through each work description and to recognize the necessary technical skills. According to her, its also the reason putting your information just in the header or footer isnt a good idea. Everything you must know about adding the perfect skills to your resume. Opportunely, network engineer resumes have an extremely straightforward format. Much like HTML, think about including notations for software which y ou have certifications or particular expertise in. Depending on the industry youre in, you may have to possess technical skills which range from project management and data technology to data analysis and management. As an accounting, your technical skills can consist of proficiency with different accounting tools like Oracle, or understanding of ERP systems and auditing tools. The Basics of Technical Skills to Put on Resume Hiring managers appreciate using bullet points as it makes it a lot easier to read through your list of qualifications. Read through it a couple of occasions and youll probably spot three or four crucial skills mentioned repeatedly throughout the document. Its fast and simple to use. The Fundamentals of Technical Skills to Put on Resume Revealed A Key Skills section, on the flip side, is listed on top of a resume. Listing your skills provides a chance to showcase your abilities and experiences to prime employers for the remainder of your resume. Ident ifying desirable important skills is essential. If you get a wide selection of technical abilities, however, your abilities may wind up being precisely what gets you hired. A persons skill set is comprised of an assortment of personal skills that theyve acquired through education and employment. As you proceed through the list of skills above, make a distinct list with the skills which you already possess. No matter which adjectives you opt to describe your technical abilities, you should be ready to speak intelligently about them in person. The Lost Secret of Technical Skills to Put on Resume If your work necessitates analysis, there are particular small business analysis technical skills you will want to showcase. If youve got sought-after technical knowledge and abilities common in your industry, you will be a more competitive candidate. If you think skills are necessary in the job which youre applying for, make certain to include them to your resume. Technical job skills play a critical function in getting hired.